Wastewater Holding Tanks

Indiscriminate discharge of industrial wastewater poses a serious risk of contamination to both water sources and soil. Wastewater from commercial and industrial plants requires different treatment than residential wastewater. Residential wastewater results from washing, bathing, cooking, etc., whereas industrial wastewater can contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Non-hazardous wastewater from industrial plants is often treated at off-site facilities because the cost of constructing a specialized treatment plant is exorbitant. Thus, many industrial and commercial facilities utilize wastewater holding tanks.

Wastewater Holding Tank

Industrial and commercial wastewater is collected and held in holding tanks. Later, it is transported to an appropriate treatment facility.

Wastewater holding tanks should provide the following advantages:

• Holding tanks may be located indoors or outdoors; they should protect the liquid from freezing and provide easy access in all types of weather.

• Holding tanks should be leak proof.

• Holding tanks should be installed by experts with appropriate certifications.

• The volume of holding tanks should exceed the maximum amount of wastewater produced daily by an order of five.

• Holding tanks should have an alarm system that warns operators when total capacity is approaching.


Our Econotanks have been used for wastewater holding tanks. Modutanks as well as Econotanks are excellent choices for collecting and holding landfill runoff water. The smaller Varitank is the choice for indoor locations requiring wastewater holding tanks.

Wastewater Tanks

Since 1970, Modutank Inc. has offered a selection of storage tanks and secondary containment systems suitable for wastewater holding tanks. Composed of modular steel parts and fitted with various liner materials, our tanks feature rapid bolt-together assembly with hand tools. These waste water storage tanks can be installed free-standing on level, compacted surfaces or permanently anchor-bolted to concrete footings. Modularity assures a wide range of sizes and capacities. Furthermore, our flat panel tanks can be configured in square, rectangular or special shapes for irregular sites. Floating covers, steel covers, double liners, inlet and outlet fittings, leak detection, drains, vents and other ancillaries are available.

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